CSR Procurement

At the ENEOS Corporation, we work to fulfill our social responsibilities across the entire supply chain by cooperating with suppliers of raw materials, logistics companies, construction companies, sales companies and others involved in our business activities while carrying out initiatives for compliance, environmental preservation, human rights and labor, and safety and health. We have stated this approach in the ENEOS Group Code of Conduct, and we have also established a CSR Procurement Policy.

CSR Procurement Policy

  1. 1.Conduct purchasing activities based on the ENEOS Group Code of Conduct and relevant policies, and strive to gain understanding and cooperation from business partners with regard to the Code of Conduct.
  2. 2.Place emphasis on conducting transactions on an equal footing with business partners with whom a sustainable partnership is possible, and aim to establish a mutually trusting relationship.
  3. 3.Consider a wide range of potential business partners and determine their suitability from a comprehensive standpoint, taking into account factors such as quality, price, delivery, and stable supply requirements, as well as attention to the environment and greater society.

The basic concept of the ENEOS Group Code of Conduct

Positioning of ENEOS Group Code of Conduct

This ENEOS Group Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the "Code of Conduct") is a set of standards that we apply in order to realize the ENEOS Group Corporate Philosophy through our business activities and fulfill our social responsibilities. The Code of Conduct shall serve as the cornerstone for making judgments in all of our business dealings.

Applicable scope of the Code of Conduct

In principle, this Code of Conduct is applicable to all directors, officers and employees who work at ENEOS Holdings, Inc., and its subsidiaries. We also encourage companies that are part of our value chain to comply this Code of Conduct.
These companies include, but are not limited to, suppliers of raw materials, logistics companies, construction companies,and sales companies.

Relation to national and local laws

We, as the ENEOS Group directors, officers and employees, respect this Code of Conduct, in addition to local laws and customs. National and local laws will take precedence over the Code of Conduct when the provisions of such laws are more rigorous than the Code of Conduct.

ENEOS Group Code of Conduct

  1. 1.Compliance
  2. 2.Safety and security
  3. 3.Environmental conservation
  4. 4.Health enhancement
  5. 5.Respect for human rights
  6. 6.Product and service quality
  7. 7.Equitable and fair transactions
  8. 8.Appropriate relationships with governments and public administrations
  9. 9.Avoidance of conflicts of interest
  10. 10.Corporate asset protection and management
  11. 11.Information management and disclosure
  12. 12.Establishment of a healthy work environment
  13. 13.Contribution to the development of civil society
  14. 14.Actions for violations and measures to prevent recurrence

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Based on these policies, we work toward the continuous improvement of our procurement activities.