Research Areas

Fuels & Chemicals

Innovations in energy and materials.
In addition to our commitment to deriving maximum benefit from petroleum resources, we're developing greener fuels for carbon neutrality and the petrochemical derivatives needed to produce other chemicals. Another focus of ours is on technologies and digitalization aimed at ensuring safe and stable operations at our refineries.

As a leader in energy and materials, we're doing all we can to help move society into the future.
As part of the fight to reduce carbon emissions and reach carbon neutrality, we are currently engaged in developing biomass fuels and next generation fuels that help to increase the thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines. We have succeeded in developing highly efficient processes for producing propylene, aromatics, other petrochemicals and their derivatives from fuel oil, for which demand is falling.
ENEOS is developing technologies that help maintain and improve safety and reliability in order to move society closer to a decarbonized future.