Research Areas


Breathing new life into energy.
In our quest to make the most of precious petroleum resources, we're developing safer, higher quality fuels and developing technologies that can get us closer to the goal of a low-carbon society.

To make the most of limited petroleum resources while making energy greener.
Taking on this mission, our Fuels Research Laboratory has developed a range of technologies used to manufacture eco-friendly gasoline (ENEOS High-Octane) and sulfur-free fuel (sulfur content: 10 ppm or less), along with technologies that help ensure safe and stable operations at our refineries.
We are currently engaged in development of biomass fuels and research into fuels that help boost the thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines, as part of the fight to reduce carbon emissions. We're also studying ways to produce propylene, aromatics, and other petrochemical products from heavy oil, for which demand is on the decline.
At the Fuels Research Laboratory, we're doing what we can to ensure that future generations inherit a cleaner and greener planet.

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