Refinery Surveillance Technology

In the working areas of a refinery, detection systems and field personnel, relying on their human senses as they make the rounds, are used to spot irregularities early and keep them from becoming bigger problems. But the fact is that it is difficult to keep field personnel on site at all times. To ensure that problems are detected early and surely, monitoring technologies are needed that will allow machines to do the job that humans do with their eyes, ears and noses.
We have developed monitoring equipment that can serve as a substitute for the human senses of sight, hearing and smell. The monitoring system that we developed consists of monitoring devices, wireless stations, and monitoring PCs. We're developing technology to analyze monitoring images and monitoring information using these devices to quickly detect irregularities. For example, we have developed a technology that uses image processing to detect white smoke that is indicative of an oil leak. When a pipe leaks, the smoke it produces will continue to emanate basically in one location. We can extract an image of just the smoke by removing the background image from the smoke image.
Next, we calculate the number of pixels in the overlapping areas of two different smoke images from which the background has been removed. By analyzing the size of the overlap, even the thin smoke that appears at the beginning stages of an oil leak can be detected.
We will continue to develop technology that helps make the refinery a safer place to work.

Featuring movable camera (PSM02)
Featuring fixed camera (PSM03)
Featuring infrared camera (PSM04)

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