Improving Engine Thermal Efficiency through Fuel

(Joint research with Toyota Motor Corporation)
In recent years, there have been strong calls worldwide for reducing CO2 emissions in the transportation sector. In Japan, the academy, government and industry have been working together on a project to develop super-high efficiency engines for the future (SIP - Strategic Innovation Promotion Program / Innovative Combustion Technology).
In addition to our focus on development of conventional automotive engine technology, we've also begun research aimed at boosting efficiency by developing fuels that can power the super-high efficiency engines of the future.
An example of our efforts toward realization of super-high efficiency engines can be found in research aimed at extending the lean-burn limit. We found that by changing the molecular structure of the fuel, we can improve the combustion rate, thereby extending the lean-burn limit.
We will continue moving forward with research and development aimed at providing greener types of fuel.

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