High Performance Materials

Carbon Fiber-Related Technology

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are composite materials made by combining carbon fibers with a matrix resin. CFRPs have excellent mechanical properties which include lightness, high strength, and high elasticity. We're working on development of general-purpose resins as well as other types of special resins used to make components for artificial satellites and industrial robots. Our know-how in composition design helps us create matrix resins with unique properties such as high heat resistance, high toughness, and flame resistance. Our benzoxazine resins are particularly tough and flame resistant, and are expected to find application in the aerospace industry.
What's more, we're using CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) tools to design and develop CFRP products such as robotic arms for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) manufacturing. Using simulations and structural analysis, we can design CFRP products with the perfect shape and specifications to meet customer needs.

Physical properties: Benzoxazine- vs. epoxy-based CFRP
Analysis of CFRP products using CAE

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