High Performance Materials

Special Nonwoven Technology

We used special, proprietary spinning technology and stretched laminate technology to create a high-performance nonwoven fabric we call MILIFE®.
MILIFE® consists of aligned, stretch-reinforced polyester filaments with a diameter of 10 µm.

We took that technology a step further to develop a microfiber nonwoven fabric made with even smaller filaments of 2–3 µm in diameter.
Our microfiber nonwoven fabric is smooth and lustrous, with high strength despite its thinness and light weight. And because the fiber structure is even finer than MILIFE®, this fabric could be used to manufacture sound-absorbing materials, filters, and other products in fields waiting to be explored.

Moving forward, we will be working to develop nanofibers with a diameter under 1 µm, while also continuing with research into flame-retardant and hydrophilic materials as we look to create nonwoven fabrics with higher added value.

Microfiber nonwoven fabric and MILIFE®

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