Hydrogen Infrastructure

A timely transition to a hydrogen-based economy could be the key to both reducing levels of the greenhouse gas CO2 as well as promoting greater energy security through the diversification of our energy sources. As an energy provider, we need to deliver sufficient supplies of hydrogen to where the consumer needs it, and do it with safety and consistency. Achieving this will require technical innovation in different areas, from production to storage and transportation. We are one of many companies and research institutions working hard on technical development. Ideally, energy from a renewable primary source (e.g. wind, solar, or biomass) would be used to produce hydrogen as a secondary energy source.
Many technical hurdles remain, and the breakthroughs will take time. Still, we are moving forward with research in collaboration with other companies and academic institutions, specifically in areas that include production technology for carbon-neutral hydrogen, and high-pressure hydrogen and organic hydrides for hydrogen transport and storage. We're also working on technology that will bring down the cost of hydrogen stations so that they may come into wider use.

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