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Greatly contribute to technological innovation and the global environment.
Lubricants can be found everywhere we look, in automobiles, ships, homes and factories.
They keep things running smoothly and help conserve energy.

Without lubricants, our machines would simply grind to a halt.
Lubricating oils have been around for millennia and were even used in the construction of the pyramids in ancient Egypt. As machinery has evolved, lubricants have undergone radical changes to keep pace. Today, the development of new lubricants involves precise control of their molecular structures.
We have come a long way from the days when lubricating oil was just another fraction of crude oil.
For example, oils that flow almost like water lubricate our automobile engines, greatly improving fuel efficiency and helping to conserve energy.
Lubricants also play a major role in energy conservation in household and industrial equipment.
Furthermore, product development using carbon neutrality base oils is underway.
We will continue to contribute to technological innovation and the low-carbonization and decarbonization of the global environment by making full use of cutting-edge lubricant technologies.