Research Areas

Analysis Technology

Only products with proven reliability can carry the ENEOS name.
Analysis performed by specialists steers our research and development in the right direction.
We support wide-ranging research conducted by skilled technicians using the latest equipment.

Our researchers are working hard to develop the next generation of products and cutting-edge technologies.
In the Analytical Testing Department, it is our mission to support they have everything they need so that their research bears fruit.
Analytical results obtained using the latest analysis and testing equipment serve as a vital road map that guides the course of our research efforts.
Making use of our technologies, we help to promote safe and stable operations at our refineries and production facilities. We also play an important role in quality assurance, to ensure that our customers get products they can count on.

  • Automation of feed pretreatment
  • Technology for analyzing the molecular structure of organic compounds
  • Detailed compositional analysis of petroleum products
  • Nano-order structural analysis