Gasoline-I DIB(Diisobutylene)

Diisobutylene also known as isooctane is C8 olefin which consisits of mixture of two isomers shown below.

Packaging Bulk by chemical tanker
Main Application Raw material for polymer, Raw material for Isononanoic acid, Raw material for plasticizing agent

Typical properties

Item Units Representative Values Test method
Density at 15℃ g/cm3 0.72 JIS K 2249
Purity mass% 90.0 JIS K0114
Appearance - No Foreign substance, free water none Visual
Industrial Safety and Health Law Enforcement Ordinance 18-2, Appendix 9 Hazardous Materials Requiring Notification - N/A -
PRTR Type 1 - N/A -
PRTR Type 2 - N/A -
CAS.NO. - 251657-70-8 -
UN No. - 2050 -


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