Nisseki Neoresin

Nisseki Neoresin is Alicyclic / Aromatic type hydrocarbon resin, which has unique properties such as low molecular weight and high softening point.
It enhances Cut and Chip performance for OTR / Truck Bus / Construction tire tread.

Packaging Flexible container (500kg), Paper bag (20kg)
Main Application Giant tire tread, Rubber compounds
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Nisseki Neoresin EP-140 Typical properties

Item Units Representative Values Test method
Appearance - Yellowish brown flake JXE method
Softening Point 140 JXE method
Acid Value mgKOH/g Not more than 0.1 JXE method
Iodine Value g/100g 164 JXE method
Molecular Weight Mw 1,320 JXE method
Industrial Safety and Health Law Enforcement Ordinance 18-2, Appendix 9 Hazardous Materials Requiring Notification - N/A -
PRTR Type 1 - N/A -
PRTR Type 2 - N/A -


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