Nisseki Polybutene (Polybutene)

Nisseki Polybutene is a series of isobutylene and nbutylene polymers composed of isobutylene predominantely. It has a molecular structure of long chain carbon hydride. Nisseki Polybutene is very stable under normal condition. It is also transparent, impurities free and nontoxic liquid polymer.

Packaging Lorry, ISO container, IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) (850kg), Drum, Oil Can (15kg)
Main Application Lubricant (Compressor oil, lubricating oil additive, engine oil, etc.)
Electrical linsulation oil
Coking and sealing compound
Rubber, wax, asphalt improvement compound
Ink thickening dispersant
Chewing gum base component

Table typical properties of NISSEKI POLYBUTENES

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