High Performance Materials

ENEHYDE®(Monomer for Colorless Transparent High–temperature-resistant Polyimide): Alicyclic Dianhydride

All of the ENEHYDE® series can be used as raw materials for colorless polyimide.
Features of ENEHYDE® -based polyimide

  • "high transparency"
  • "high heat resistance"
  • "Low CTE(coefficient of thermal expansion)"

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Name CpODA BzDA BzDAxx
(Stereoisomer of BzDA)
Structural formula
Mass production stage Mass-produced product R&D stage R&D stage R&D stage
Appearance White solid White solid White solid White solid
Features of monomer and PI
  • Colorless and transparent
  • High heat resistance
  • Low CTE
  • Soluble polyimide
    ⇒Storage stability,
     Low temperature film forming process
  • High reactivity with diamine
    ⇒Improvement of
     molecular weight and
     mechanical strength
  • Low CTE
  • High heat resistance
  • Low dielectric loss tangent (low Df)
  • Balance of low CTE and low Rth
Applications Display(TFT substrate)
*Substitutes of glass,
colored PI
  • Protective film for semiconductors
  • Photosensitive PI
  • Protective film for semiconductors
  • Liquid crystal alignment film
  • Display (TFT substrate)
  • Low dielectric loss tangent material(For 5G)
Appearance of ENEHYDE® CpODA
Polyamic acid varnish made from ENEHYDE®
Colorless transparent PI film made from ENEHYDE® (left) &
General colored PI film (right)

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