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Carbon Roll

Manufacturing and sales for the carbon fiber composite materials (except prepreg for aircraft) are handled by ENEOS Techno Materials Corporation.


Carbon rolls are used in a broad range of fields, including print, film, paper, and liquid crystal displays. In recent years, with the increase in size (width) and speed of manufacturing systems, carbon roll demand is growing. By optimally combining PAN-type and pitch-type carbon fibers, we can present designs that match customers' needs.


1.Lighter weight: Improved safety
Roll replacement workability greatly improves, contributing to improved safety.
2.Lower inertia: Reduced running costs
Stable transport is achieved with thin material and low tensile force, and reduced drive energy helps reduce cost.
3.Low deflection: Improved product quality
Stable base material transport improves product quality.
4.High rpm: Improved productivity
While high rotational control is maintained, the critical speed is increased.


Carbon rolls are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). CFRP is a composite material that consists of carbon fibers, which provide material strength, and resin (epoxy resin), its base material.
With respect to a uniform load distribution, the carbon roll structure is designed to minimize deflection by distributing high-elasticity carbon fibers in the longitudinal direction, where bending moment is large.
Thanks to our technical expertise (based on years of experience and an extensive record of performance) and analytical skills (employing the finite element method), we can offer optimal designs.

Scope of Production

We listen to customers' requests and then propose optimal solutions within the scope shown below.

Item Supported Scope
Size (excluding rubber) Outside diameter 30 - 350mmΦ
Length - 9,000mmL
Thickness 2 - 20mmt
Surface treatment Rubber NBR, CR, silicone, urethane, etc.
Metal Hard chrome plating
Shape With shaft (SUS, iron)/built-in bearing type/without shaft
Axial modulus - 30,000kgf/mm2

Product Performance

Comparison of Roll Shell Materials

Up to now, roll shell material has generally been steel when rigidity was required, and aluminum when light weight was the aim. From high rigidity to low rigidity, carbon rolls have been designed with a large amount of freedom. Also, since they are lightweight, they are widely used as roll shell material, regardless of their rigidity.

Comparative Example of Metal Roll and Carbon Roll

The performance of carbon rolls varies according to the design.
For example, the performance of a metal roll and carbon roll of the same size and rigidity is compared below.

Comparison of steel and aluminum performance (Φ100×1700L, same rigidity)

Item Steel Carbon roll Aluminum Carbon roll
Outside diameter mmΦ 100 100
Surface length mm 1700 1700
Shell thickness mm 7.0 7.5 7.0 5.0
Shell weight (metal ratio) kg 27.3(100) 6.3(23) 9.4(100) 4.0(43)
Self-weight deflection mm 0.038 0.009 0.038 0.016
Moment of inertia (metal ratio) 105N/mm2 24(100) 3.6(44) 8.2(100) 5.4(23)
Critical speed rpm 5,500 8,700 5,500 12,400

Application Examples

Our carbon rolls have been used in a broad range of fields, including print, film, paper, and liquid crystal displays.

1.Print field
Rubber rolls for rotary presses are used by newspaper publishers throughout Japan, as they lighten the workload in the production process and greatly contribute to improved productivity.
2.Film field
On optical, high-performance, and thin-film production lines, carbon rolls have been used as guide rolls and nip rolls, thanks to their low-inertia, low-deflection features. On film slitter/winder lines, carbon rolls have been used as touch rolls, not only because of their low inertia and low deflection but their high-speed rotation performance.
3.Paper field
On disposable-diaper production lines, light items like disposal diapers can also be transported due to the low inertia of carbon rolls.
4.Liquid crystal display field
Thanks to stable transport of base material attained by lower deflection, carbon rolls have contributed greatly to improved productivity.
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