Carbon Fiber Composites


Manufacturing and sales for the carbon fiber composite materials (except prepreg for aircraft) are handled by ENEOS Techno Materials Corporation.


As a prepregger, ENEOS is a partner who can provide support for molding businesses, including resin development according to the customer's needs.

  • We have over twenty years of experience in prepreg manufacturing at our factory.
  • We can meet requirements for not only pitch-based carbon fiber but PAN-based carbon fiber and other types of engineering plastic fiber.
  • Consult with us about difficult-to-handle special textiles as well.
  • Utilizing resins we have developed, we can manufacture prepreg materials with a variety of characteristics.

Prepreg resins we have developed (examples)

Resin Type Feature Curing Condition Glass Transition Temperature
Epoxy General purpose 130℃/1hr 140℃
High toughness 130℃/1hr 140℃
High heat resistance 180℃/2hr 210℃
Low temperature cure
Fast cure
90℃/1hr 90℃
130℃/10min 120℃
Cyanate ester High heat resistance/toughness
Low outgas
180℃/2hr 230℃
+232℃/2hr 260℃
Benzoxazine High compressive strength
Flame resistance
185℃/2hr 190℃

For information on pitch-type carbon fiber prepreg that uses general-purpose epoxy, please contact our affiliate Nippon Graphite Fiber.

Is composite material performance determined by the fiber alone?

A composite material consists of fiber and matrix resin. Therefore, just because the fiber is good does not mean that the composite will be good.
ENEOS has a variety of prepregs that utilize resins developed by us and provide high toughness, high heat resistance, and low outgas.

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