Carbon Fiber Composites

Tow Prepreg

Manufacturing and sales for the carbon fiber composite materials (except prepreg for aircraft) are handled by ENEOS Techno Materials Corporation.

ENEOS's tow prepreg is a tow (fiber bundle) product that is preimpregnated with resin. By using tow prepregs with the filament winding (FW) method, a forming method used in CF shaft and gas cylinder production, high productivity can be achieved.
Combining our independently developed resins with not only pitch-type and PAN-type carbon fibers but with customer-requested fibers, such as glass fibers and engineering plastic fibers, we develop tow prepregs according to the needs of our customers.


Using tow prepreg, the dry method achieves high productivity and workability improvements compared to the wet (conventional) method.

Wet method (conventional method)

Dry method (using tow prepreg)

Wet method   Dry method
Nonuniform Uniformity of resin content Uniform
60-100 m/min Winding speed Up to 300 m/min
Yes Slips during winding No
6-8 hours Resin room temperature life 1 month
Work environment

Variation in resin content

As with sheet prepreg, our independently developed resin is used. An example is shown below.

Resin Type Curing Condition Glass Transition Temperature
General purpose epoxy 130℃ / 2hr 130℃
Toughened epoxy 130℃ / 2hr 130℃
High heat-resistant epoxy 180℃ / 2hr 180℃

Application Example


Pressure vessel

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