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KALEIDO SCREEN® Transparent Projection Screen FilmR&D product

KALEIDO SCREEN® is a product that employs our nanotechnology.


The transparency of a conventional screen's transparent film is about 70%. In contrast, our product achieves a transparency of 90%, the best in the world. The high level of this transparency is a feature (Photo 1). Films for rear projections (clear type and high-brightness type) and front projections (clear type and high-brightness type) are available (Figure 1).

Photo 1. KALEIDO SCREEN® showing high transparency
Figure 1. Model diagram of front and rear projections

Part of this success is the result of aid received through "Development of New Device Technology with Polymer Nanoorientation Control," the Strategic Promotion of Innovative Research and Development Program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).


Even when the product is applied to materials such as glass and acrylic board, the transparency will not be affected. Taking advantage of that feature, the product is used for projection mapping (Photo 2, *1) and other spatial presentation purposes. In addition, we hope to expand its application to digital signage (Photo 3, *2), head-up displays (Photo 4, *3), and other areas.

Photo 2. Example of use in projection mapping
Photo 3. Image photo of digital signage
Photo 4. Image photo of head-up display
  1. 1Visual expression technique for creating special visual effects by utilizing a projector to project images onto an object, building, etc. according to its 3D shape.
  2. 2Advertising, marketing, and information tool that combines video equipment, such as a display or projector, with a content delivery system. Also called "electronic signboard." Originally used to display information such as public transportation schedules, their use has expanded in recent years to commercial facilities, general stores, and the like.
  3. 3Device that directly projects instrument and navigation information onto an automobile's windshield within the driver's field of view. Since drivers no longer have to greatly shift their viewing position to check information, this safety technology is expected to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Performance data (typical values)

Photo 5. Roll-shaped Kaleido Screen
Front type Rear type
Clear High brightness Clear High brightness
Total light transmittance 87% 80% 91% 91%
Haze 4% 11% 6% 9%
Thickness 75μm
Maximum width 1,200mm

Example of use

"CITY LIGHT FANTASIA by NAKED" projection mapping event: Used at Shiomiso, "the inn with the most beautiful sunset in Japan"

Photo 6. Example of use at "Shiomiso" Sunset Inn
Figure 2. CLF visual

"CITY LIGHT FANTASIA by NAKED" (hereinafter "CLF") is an original entertainment event planned and operated by Naked Inc. (CEO Ryutaro Muramatsu). It blends city nightscapes with video production, including 3D projection mapping. When our transparent film for screens is applied to a glass window, nightscapes and magical 3D images become blended.
At the "Shiomiso" Sunset Inn (Murakami, Niigata Prefecture, https://www.shiomiso.co.jp/foreign-en/), our transparent film for screens is attached to large glass surfaces in the lobby lounge. At the Yubae (Sunset) Theater, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets at any time.

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