High Performance Materials

High heat resistant thermosetting resins:
Original epoxide, High heat resistance, Low viscosity, Filler high filling

Sample of high heat resistant thermosetting resin


  • High heat resistance due to original epoxide
  • When the temperature is raised, it becomes liquid and has low viscosity.
  • High filling of filler due to low viscosity
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity due to high filling of filler

Physical property comparison with traditional epoxy resin

  Traditional resin XR0004 XR0016 XR0014 XR0020
Main resin (Epoxide) Biphenyl etc. ENEOS resin
[Low viscosity]
ENEOS resin
[High Tough]
ENEOS resin
[Low Temp. cure]
ENEOS resin
[Low Temp. cure2]
Hardner Phenol
>5 0.3 0.8 0.8 0.9
F. Strength*[MPa] 150 124 155 140 138
F. Modulus*[MPa] 3000 4820 3800 4400 4060
Tg(175℃5h)[℃] <200 - - 190 210
Tg(220℃5h)[℃] <220 240 220 240 250
  • Post cure condition:100℃2min → 180℃1h → 220℃5h

Applications: Thermosetting compound

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