High heat resistant thermosetting resins

Application:Thermosetting compound

Low CTE compound

  Traditional compound Prototype#1 Prototype#2
Main resin (Epoxide) Traditional resins XR0014 XR0020
Filler type Spherical silica Spherical silica Spherical silica
Filler content[wt%] 85 85 85
Spiral flow[cm] 135 150 140
Gelation time[sec] 40 45 40
Tg[℃] 133 190 210
  • Post cure condition:175℃3min → 175℃5h
Relationship between filler filling amount and CTE
Semiconductor encapsulant

The low CTE compound has higher Tg while having the same spiral flow and gel time as traditional compound.
The low CTE compound is used as an encapsulant that has both high heat resistance and low CTE.

High thermal conductivity compound

  Traditional compound Prototype#3
Filler content[%] Alumina etc:85 Alumina etc:≦90
Binder Traditional resin XR0014
Tg[℃] <200 240
F.strength[MPa] 120 100
F.modulus[MPa] 30000 45000
Thermal conductivity[W/m・K] 4.5 9.0
  • Post cure condition: Traditional compound: 175℃3min → 175℃5h, Prototype#3: 175℃3min → 220℃5h

Low viscosity allows high filling of heat conductive fillers.
High thermal conductivity compound achieves 9W/ mk when it is highly filled with alumina etc.

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