Energy for Industrial customers


ENEOS Corporation is aiming to become an integrated energy company and considers its coal business to play an important role for the realization of this objective.
The Company not only sells imported coal to Japanese customers, but also participates in the joint management of operations at an Australian coal mine, and operates a coal receiving and storage terminal in Japan, among other activities, to strengthen its coal supply chain.

The Company commenced its coal business in 1981, and currently sells about 9 million tons of coal per annum, thanks to the close relationships built with customers through the Company's oil business.
Bulga coal from Australia, the main coal sold by the Company since 1992, has been supplied to, and used by, all of the Japanese power companies. Bulga has become the top brand of coal in Japan, with sales to Japanese users exceeding 7 million tons per annum.

In 1990, the Company acquired a stake in Oakbridge Pty Limited, which owns the majority of equity in the Bulga Coal Mine, and has been working with Glencore, the operator, to ensure stable production and supply.

Bulga Coal Mine, one of the biggest coal mines in Australia, consists of an open-cut mine, an underground mine and a coal handling and preparation plants and produces about 10 million tons of coal per annum with a highly efficient operation.

Bulga Coal Mine

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