Corporate History

Nippon Mining Holdings, Inc.

1905 Kuhara Fusanosuke opened Hitachi Mine
1908 Smelting and refining plants were built in Hitachi (now,Nippon Mining & Metals Co., Ltd., Hitachi Works)
1912 Kuhara Mining Co. was established to incorporate previous activities
1914 The Company expanded into oil field exploration
1916 Saganoseki Smelter and Refinery [now, Nippon Mining & Metals Co., Ltd., Saganoseki Smelter&Refinery (Oita)was built]
1928 Incorporating other companies, Kuhara Mining Co. established Nippon Sangyo Co. (NISSAN)
1929 Nippon Mining Co. was established, and succeeded metal mining and smelting business of NISSAN
1939 Nippon Mining Co. purchased Funakawa Oil Refinery (now, Japan Energy Corporation, Funakawa Works)
1950 Nippon Mining Co. started metal fabrication business at Kawaski Plant (now, Nikko Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Kawasaki Plant, Kanagawa)
1959 Nippon Mining Co. started production of natural gas at Nakajo Gas Field [now, Japan Energy Development Co., Ltd.,Nakajo Plant (Niigata)]
1961 Nippon Mining Co. started operation of Mizushima Oil Refinery (now,Japan Energy Corporation, Mizushima Oil Refinery)
1964 Nippon Mining Co. started brass mill operation at Kurami Works (now, Nikko Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Kurami Works)
1965 Kyodo Oil Co. (petroleum products distributor) was established
1969 Nippon Mining Co. started operation of Sodegaura Lubricants Plant (now, Japan Energy Corporation, Sodegaura Plant)
1979 Nippon Mining Co. acquired Chita Oil Co. (formerly Toa Kyoseki)
1983 Business of Chita Oil Co. transferred to Nippon Mining Co.
1992 Nippon Mining & Metals Co., Ltd. was established succeeding mining and metals business from Nippon Mining Co.
1992 Nippon Mining Co. and Kyodo Oil Co. merged to create Nikko Kyodo Co.
1993 Nikko Kyodo Co. changed its name to Japan Energy Corporation
1998 Nippon Mining & Metals was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1999 Kashima Oil Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary of Japan Energy
1999 Japan Energy transferred electronic materials production to Nikko Materials Co., Ltd.
2002 Japan Energy and Nippon Mining & Metals jointly established Nippon Mining Holdings, Inc. as their holding company
2003 Metal fabrication business of Nippon Mining & Metals Co., Ltd. was transferred to Nikko Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a newly established subsidiary of Nippon Mining Holdings
2006 3 metal-related companies (Nippon Mining & Metals, Nikko Materials, and Nikko Metal Manufacturing) were integrated into newly established "Nippon Mining & Metals"
2008 Toho Titanium Co., Ltd., consolidated as a subsidiary.