Corporate History

Nippon Oil Corporation

1888 Nippon Oil established.
1914 Oil first gushed out of Kurokawa Oil Well No. 5 in Akita Prefecture.
1921 Nippon Oil merged with Hoden Oil.
1931 Mitsubishi Oil established jointly by three Mitsubishi group companies (headquarters, mining, trading) and Associated Oil (later known as Getty Oil) in the United States.
1933 Koa Oil established.
1941 Nippon Oil merged with Ogura Oil.
1951 Nippon Petroleum Refining established jointly by Nippon Oil and Caltex.
1967 Nippon Oil Staging Terminal established.
1968 Tohoku Oil established.
1973 Okinawa CTS established.
1984 All the Getty Oil-owned Mitsubishi Oil shares transferred to Mitsubishi group companies.
Business alliance formed between Nippon Oil and Mitsubishi Oil.
1995 Business alliance formed between Nippon Oil and Idemitsu Kosan.
1996 Nippon Oil terminated business alliance with Caltex and acquired a full stake in Nippon Petroleum Refining.
1998 Crude oil production started at Rang Dong Oil Field offshore Vietnam.
1999 Nippon Oil and Mitsubishi Oil merged to form Nisseki Mitsubishi.
Business alliance formed between Nisseki Mitsubishi and COSMO Oil.
2001 New Service Station brand ENEOS launched.
2002 Nisseki Mitsubishi Refining, Koa Oil and Tohoku Oil merged into Nippon Petroleum Refining.
Nisseki Mitsubishi renamed Nippon Oil.
2003 Natural gas production started offshore Malaysia (Helang Gas Field).
2004 Consignment refining contract signed with China Oil.
2005 Nippon Oil merged with Nippon Petroleum Gas.
2006 Business alliance formed with Japan Energy.
Capital tie-up formed with INPEX Holdings.
Nippon Petroleum Refining merged with Nippon Petroleum Processing.
2007 Business/capital alliance formed with SK Corporation (South Korea). A memorandum of understanding regarding long-term collaboration with China National Petroleum Corporation is concluded.
2008 Nippon Petroleum Refining merged with Nippon Petrochemicals.
ENEOS CELLTECH, a joint company with Sanyo Electric Company for stationary fuel cells, established.
Nippon oil conducted a management integration with Kyushu oil.
Conclusion of Memorandum on Management Integration with Nippon Mining Holdings.
2009 SANYO ENEOS Solar, a joint company with Sanyo Electric Company for the production and sale of thin-film solar panels, established.