High Performance Materials

Solutions for customers, with keywords including include "Carbon Materials", "Highly Heat Resistant Materials", "Elastomer Materials", "Micro-Nano Materials", and "Biomaterials".

Anode material for lithium-ion batteries (artificial graphite) Carbon Fiber Composites XYDAR® (Liquid Crystal Polymer: LCP) ENEHYDE®(Monomer for Colorless Transparent High–temperature-resistant Polyimide) Prepreg for Aerospace Specialty Olefin Alicyclic Epoxy Monomer High heat resistant thermosetting resins Optical Film MILIFE®/CLAF® (Nonwoven) ENEOS Uni-powder® (Microparticle) Nanoable® High Heat-resistance Waveplates KALEIDO SCREEN® Transparent Projection Screen Film Panaferd® (Natural Pigment) AdoniCare™ (Carotenoid for Human Nutrition)

Carbon Materials

Highly Heat Resistant Materials

Elastomer Materials

Micro-Nano Materials


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