Hydrogen Business

Hydrogen Station

Hydrogen Station Network

(As of July 1, 2024)

ENEOS runs 35 hydrogen stations in four major metropolitan areas in Japan.

Types of Hydrogen Stations

The types of hydrogen stations are as follows:

(1) Structure Fixed Mobile:
Stations where hydrogen filling equipment is mounted on the back of specialized trucks and moved to sales locations
(2) Operation Integrated with ENEOS gas station Standalone:
Stations specializing only in fueling FCVs with hydrogen
(3) Hydrogen production location On-site:
Hydrogen Production Unit (HPU) in Hydrogen station
No HPU in Hydrogen station

Samples of Hydrogen Stations

Fixed: Tokyo Meguro Hydrogen Station
Integrated: Dr.Drive Self-Shiomi Koen Hydrogen Station
Fixed: Tokyo Oi Hydrogen Station
- H2 refueling to busses and trucks.
Fixed: Yokohama Asahi Hydrogen Station
- CO2-free Hydrogen station using 5kW solar panels and 30 Nm3/h electrolyzer.