Hydrogen Business

Hydrogen Business Strategy

Hydrogen energy do not emit CO2 during use, and it can be widely used for not only power generation, but also as manufacturing heat sources, reduction ironmaking, chemical processes, and so on. Therefore, ENEOS believes widespread use of hydrogen must be one of important keys to achieve carbon neutral by 2050.

Under the ENEOS group's long-term vision, we commit to challenge achieving both "stable supply of energies and materials" and "realization of a carbon-neutral society." Anticipating mass use of hydrogen in the carbon-neutral society, ENEOS is focusing to create new hydrogen businesses from multiple aspects, such as "international supply chain to bring clean hydrogen into Japan", "local production for local consumption to leverage local green energy resources", and "clean fuel supply into domestic mobility sector.

Some of our strengths are existing assets as refining, manufacturing, and Japan nationwide fuel supply networks as well as long-year expertise in hydrogen handling, thus with the full utilization, ENEOS should be able to create safe and reliable hydrogen supply hub infrastructure at our refineries in effective and quick manners.