Isopropyl Ether (IPE)

Isopropyl Ether (IPE), a clear, colorless liquid, is almost completely insoluble in water, but can be dissolved in ether or alcohol.
Our IPE is made through a synthesis of IPA and propylene.

Packaging Lorry, Drum
Main Application Phenol reclamation solvent
Medical and antibiotic solvent
Chemical intermediate ingredient

Typical properties

Item Units Representative Values
Appearance - Transparent, Colorless
Density at 20℃ g/cm3 0.725
Boiling Point 68.4
Melting Point -85.5
Flash Point (Tag sealed) -28
Hazardous Materials Classification - Fourth Group, First Class Petroleum
Viscosity (20 <℃>) mm2/S 0.34
Flammability Range (Lower Limit) VOL% 1.4
Flammability Range (Upper Limit) VOL% 21.0
Solubility Parameter 6.9
Surface Tension dyne/cm, 20℃ 17.7
Toxicity Organic Classification - Type 2 Control or equivalent
Threshold Limit Value PPM 250
Atmospheric Gravity (Air=1) - 1.5
Industrial Safety and Health Law Enforcement Ordinance 18-2, Appendix 9 Hazardous Materials Requiring Notification
(632 Materials)
- NO.47 Isopropyl Ether
PRTR Type 1 N/A
PRTR Type 2 N/A
Chemical Substance Number - (2)-362
CAS.NO. - 108-20-3
TSCA Registration - Yes
UN No. - 1159