Fuels & Chemicals

Development for producing new petrochemical derivatives

Expansion and development of new petrochemical derivatives

Fig. 1 Positioning of petrochemical derivatives.

Our company strategically positions petrochemicals, which add value to petroleum, as a growth business. While the demand for fuel oil is declining, we are working on expanding and developing new petrochemical derivatives with the aim to further penetrate the field of new petrochemical derivatives to increase our competitiveness and profitability.

Petrochemical derivatives are raw materials used in highly functional materials and resins. They are also highly valued chemicals compared to basic chemicals (benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.).
The price of petrochemical derivatives is high, and the demand is expected to continue to increase (Fig. 1).

Development of the technology for producing petrochemical derivatives

Fig. 2 Portfolio of R&D themes for petrochemical derivatives.

We are working on the development of manufacturing technology for multiple petrochemical derivatives by taking advantage of our own raw materials and manufacturing technology using catalysts and reactions cultivated in petroleum refining and petrochemicals.
We are conducting marketing activities to attract customers both in Japan and overseas. We have set product targets and are building a portfolio of R&D themes (Fig. 2).

We will continue to develop petrochemical derivatives and commercialize them as quickly as possible while striving to provide our customers with superior products.